Drivers should instruct all passengers to sit in the rear of the vehicle preferably passenger side rear.
Drivers should open and close all doors for all passengers.
Drivers to Sanitize/Anti-Bac Gel/Wipe or spray or wash hands thoroughly their hands between ALL passengers/Journeys
Drivers to Sanitize/Anti-Bac wipe or spray all common touch areas (Seat belts and clips, Door handles, Window Buttons. Rear of front seats, grab handles, seat/area where passengers sit in the vehicle in between each client/journey
Drivers to where masks where possible.
Drivers to use gloves where possible.
Drivers If you sneeze or cough please cover your mouth and face away from the passenger and any surface where possible and wipe over with an sanitize/Anti-Bac wipe or spray at your earliest safe opportunity.
Drivers please keep as much social distance from the passenger as possible. i.e. no hand shakes or hugs please.
Wash down vehicle daily inside and out.
dispose of old gloves and masks do not leave inside the vehicle..
Drivers Remember New Passenger = New gloves & All above steps repeated.
Drivers to use the poly partition screen please if you have one. Minimum Fare applies £15.00. All bookings for the new local service must be made by email at least 12hrs in advance for full terms/ details email us

Thank you, Airports Direct (MK) Ltd.